Project Gallery

Below are projects created by developers in the online department of the Daily Bruin. The Stack is a part of the online department. Projects include web designs, interactive stories and web applications.

The Stack

Data and tech blog from the Daily Bruin

Spring Sing 2015

Stories and videos on Spring Sing performers

UCLA Unseen

Exploring lesser-known places on campus


Daily Bruin's WordPress theme

Los Angeles 2050

A look at the future of Los Angeles

Finding Beauty in Biology

Bio-art and DIY biology

Mistress of Magic

UCLA member of the Academy of Magical Arts feature

Data Magnets

Explore and group data with interactive particle attractors

Reel Life

Video diaries, anecdotes from the UCLA community

Monsters, Traditions and Folklore

Scary stories from around the world

Sinking Beneath the Surface

The state of mental health resources at UCLA

Wake of the Storm

2014 Bridget O'Brien reporting project on Typhoon Haiyan recovery

Beyond a Bruin

Landing page and interative stories

Coachella 2014

Wrap of Daily Bruin's 2014 Coachella coverage

Coming Up for Air

Hazardous conditions for fishermen in Rio Lagartos, Mexico

Flavors of Westwood

Interactive map of restaurant profiles in Los Angeles


In-house social media scheduler by the Daily Bruin

In the Shadows

2014 Bridget O'Brien reporting project on the LGBT community in Malawi

College Newswire

Feed of California college newspaper articles for content sharing

Graduation Issue 2013

Stories from the 2013 graduation issue, This is Your Story


Photojournalism blog by the Daily Bruin


Daily Bruin's original WordPress theme

Miles of Memories

Multimedia report on the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon


Mobile journalism by the Daily Bruin