Laurel Woods

2021-22 Data Editor

Laurel is a fourth-year cognitive science and digital humanities student. She loves anything outdoorsy, especially if her dog is there.

Lindsey Parungo

2021-22 Assistant Data Editor

Lindsey is a third-year financial and actuarial mathematics student. She enjoys running, spending time with her dog and looking to expand her hippo memorabilia collection.

Current authors

Abby Zhao

Stack Developer

Abby is a second-year data theory and economics student. She likes spicy food, hiking and reading.

Ananya Garg

Stack Developer

Ananya is a second-year statistics student who enjoys travelling, cooking and rewatching Friends in her free time.

Andre Hiwatig

Stack Developer

Andre is a first-year statistics student. He likes painting and visiting thrift stores in his free time.

Andrew Kan

Stack Developer

Kan was the 2020-2021 Stack editor and is a fourth-year computer science and statistics student. He enjoys longforms and any type of puzzle.

Annie Zhang

Stack Developer

Annie is a third-year math student who really enjoys heist novels, murder mystery TV shows, noodles and setting unrealistic goals.

Catherine Hu

Stack Developer

Catherine Hu is a second-year computer science and geography student who enjoys writing, hiking and reading.

Chelsea Chen

Stack Developer

Chelsea is a second-year statistics student. She enjoys listening to true crime, rollerblading, playing soccer and trying new food!

Connie Ma

Stack Developer

Connie is a second-year student.

Derrick Chau

Stack Developer

Derrick is a second-year mathematics and economics student with a specialization in computing who loves having a new Zoom background every week.

Diego Ramirez Romero

Stack Developer

Diego is a first-year computational and systems biology student.

Disha Sikaria

Stack Developer

Disha is a second-year cognitive science and linguistics & computer science student with a specialization in computing.

Hinal Jajal

Stack Developer

Hinal is a third-year applied math student. She likes cooking and going to the gym.

Jessica Li

Stack Developer

Jessica is a third-year computational and systems biology student. She enjoys hiking and playing music.

Justin Chai

Stack Developer

Justin is a first-year linguisitics and computer science student.

Justin Gong

Stack Developer

Justin is a first-year statistics and economics student who loves basketball and Marvel!

Kelly Chen

Stack Developer

Chen is a second-year statistics student. She can usually be found dancing, even when she’s not supposed to, and is always looking for her next adventure.

Keri Chen

Stack Developer

Chen is a second-year communications student. When not writing articles and designing for Daily Bruin, she enjoys discovering new music and takes pride in being able to pack for two weeks in a single carry-on.

Mansa Krishna

Stack Developer

Mansa is a fourth-year applied mathematics student with a specialization in computing, who is also minoring in history. She is a coffee-for-breakfast advocate with a deep, abiding love for historical fiction.

Mattie Sanseverino

Online Editor

Mattie is a fourth-year computer science student. She loves the ocean and anything that contains too much sugar for her own good.

Nalin Chopra

Stack Developer

Nalin is a first-year mathematics of computation student. He enjoys listening to aespa and going to the beach.

Nancy (Zihan) Zhang

Stack Developer

Nancy is a third-year data theory student who likes matcha latte and volleyball.

Nicole Chua

Stack Developer

Nicole is a fourth-year statistics student. She enjoys spicy food, green tea and being in the sun.

Priya Kanneboyina

Stack Developer

Priya is a third-year applied mathematics student with a minor in public affairs and film.

Samantha Low

Stack Developer

Samantha Low is a second-year environmental science student who enjoys hiking, exploring new places and taking pictures of food in her free time.

Sydney Kovach

Stack Developer

Sydney Kovach is a second year global Studies and geography student who loves dancing and taking yoga classes in her free time.

Tyler Wu

Stack Developer

Tyler is a fourth-year data theory and cognitive science student. He likes making apps and taking naps.

Vivian Luk

Stack Developer

Vivian is a third-year statistics and sociology student with a specialization in computing. She enjoys hikes, matcha lattes and podcasts on 1.8x speed.

Past authors

Alexander Chan

Chan is a graduate student in the Statistics Department. He likes stats, a lot. Previously, a software engineering intern at Amazon AWS, American Express, and data science intern at a start-up in France.

Angie Wang

Executive Newsinator

Angie is the News editor at the Daily Bruin. She was previously an assistant Photo editor and News contributor. This summer, she reported on undocumented student access to higher education on a national level. She studies communication with a specialization in computing and has a complicated relationship with tomatoes.

Benson Han

Casual Programmer

Benson is a second-year computer science student and is more comfortable writing code than bios.

Bernard Mendez

News Editor

Bernard is the Bruin’s News Editor. In his free time, Bernard spends time as a second-year math student at UCLA.

Brittney Le

Stack Developer

Brittney is a fourth-year human biology and society student. She likes to browse too much on Reddit, meditate and listen to podcasts.

Byron Lutz

Data Sage

Byron is the creator of the Daily Bruin’s Online department. He’s worked on countless projects for The Bruin including a website, a social media manager and a reporting project in the Philippines. He currently works as a software developer at Factual in Los Angeles. He loves UniCamp (like a lot), experimenting with hairstyles and holding watermelons.

Cameron Bian

Stack Developer

Cameron Bian is a fourth-year math of computation student. He enjoys basketball, video games and watching comics.

Carter Wu

Stack Developer

Carter is one of the developers for The Stack. He is currently studying Computer Science and Engineering, and enjoys working with big data. Outside of school, Carter loves to eat delicious food, play sports, and browse Reddit.

Chang Liu

Stack Editor

Chang is currently the guy in charge of this website. He studies Linguistics & Computer Science at UCLA. When he’s not busy learning both natural and programming languages, he likes to take photos, dance and travel.

Charlotte Huang

Stack Developer

Charlotte is a fourth-year applied math and cognitive science student. Outside of math and data, she enjoys reading, watching K-Drama and listening to K-Pop.

Dinkar Khattar

Stack Developer

Khattar is a third-year computer science student. He’s probably the guy you see yoyo-ing and/or riding a Bird down Charles E. Young Drive.

Emma Cotter

Stack Developer

Emma is a second-year communication student with a minor in digital humanities. She likes graphic design and collecting postcards from places she visits.

Eustina Kim

Stack Developer

Eustina Kim is a fourth-year statistics student, who is also minoring in digital humanities.

Fay Wu

Stack Developer

Fay is in her last quarter at UCLA CS and loves oysters.

Faye Zou

Stack Developer

Faye is a third-year cognitive science student. During her spare time, she likes going to the gym and playing with her puppies.

Harrison Liddiard

Chief Data Nerd Emeritus

Harrison was the 2015–2016 data editor at the Daily Bruin. He studied linguistics and computer science at UCLA and has interned as a CMS developer at The New York Times. When he’s not data-nerding, he enjoys casual Web-apping, design, scuba diving, pretending he’s good at musical instruments and planning retreats.

Henna Dialani

Stack Developer

Dialani is the 2018-2019 Stack editor and a fourth-year statistics student. When not working with data, she’s exploring Los Angeles and its food.

Juan C. Rios

Stack Developer

Rios is a third-year computer engineering student who enjoys programming and music.

Jeanette Lin

Stack Developer

Lin is a fourth-year statistics student. Outside of school and data analysis projects, she loves hiking, going to the beach and drinking boba.

Jeffrey Chan

Stack Developer

Jeffrey is a front end developer who strives to add his own flavor to Daily Bruin webpages. He studies Electrical Engineering at UCLA and has an insatiable curiousity for technology. Outside of his academic coursework, he likes to tinker on personal projects, listen to EDM, and search for LA’s finest cuisine.

Jerry Li

Stack Developer

Jerry is a third-year computer science student who transforms food into code. When not hacking away or getting lost in data, he likes to play badminton, fold origami and play board games.

Katie Shepherd

Data Reporter Extraordinare

Katie was a reporter, editor and developer for the Daily Bruin, serving as an assistant News editor and an assistant Opinion editor. She’s worked at the Los Angeles Times and is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She’s passionate about policy, government, Netflix marathons and spicy wasabi peas.

Keith Atienza

Stack Developer

Atienza is a fourth-year applied mathematics and statistics student who loves stand-up comedy and being lit.

Kyle Wong

Stack Developer

Wong is a third-year computer science student who enjoys attending hackathons.

Lik Teng Ung

Stack Developer

Ung is a stack contributor at the Daily Bruin and a third-year statistics and political science student. He’s an avid political poll watcher, Pythonistas and boba connoisseur.

Madeleine Pauker

Managing Editor

Pauker is the managing editor of the Daily Bruin and a third-year world arts and cultures student. She recorded data from 365 days of crime logs to create this post.

Madeline Blasingame

Stack Developer

Maddy is a first-year stats student whose only goal is to be TikTok famous.

Mahir Eusufzai

Stack Developer

Mahir is a fourth-year computer science student. He’s a huge Lakers fan and occasionally posts piano/guitar videos on YouTube. He is frequently mistaken for Mihir Mathur.

Maria Becerra

Stack Developer

Maria is a fourth-year cognitive science student with a specialization in computing. She loves coffee, flowers and collecting stationary.

Michael Huang

Stack Developer

Michael is lit.

Michael Hull

Assistant Sports Editor

Hull currently covers men’s water polo for the Sports section. He was a writer for the track and field team in the spring of 2016, and for the NCAA champion men’s water polo team in 2015.

Natalie Ethell

Stack Developer

Natalie is a fourth-year computer science student. She has been dancing since she was 5 and enjoys any combination of bagels and dogs.

Nathan Smith

Assistant Online Editor

Smith is an assistant online editor at the Daily Bruin and a second-year computer science student. When he’s not scrolling through USAC PDFs or staring at lines of code, he enjoys Eggo waffles, visiting museums and writing about electric scooters.

Neil Bedi

Beditor in Chief

Neil is the creator of The Stack and was the data editor in 2014-2015. He was also a Daily Bruin Photo editor and a member of the Editorial Board. He currently works as an analyst at JPMorgan. He loves journalism, creating data visualizations, reminding people of their own mortality and a good beard.

Nick Yu

Honorary Councilmember Editor

A microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student, Nick covers Gene Block and his crew in addition to campus politics, which means he enjoys spending his Tuesday nights at Kerckhoff 417, where USAC meets. He has no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he likes writing and has an interest in studying viruses. He’s a master of the top-button-unbuttoned-with-tie-and-boutonniere look.

Radhika Ahuja

Stack Developer

Radhika is a fourth-year math of computation student. Outside of school, she enjoys writing, dance, cooking and other things creative.

Rishub Kumar

Stack Developer

Kumar is a UCLA alumnus and a previous Daily Bruin staffer.

Rupan Bharanidaran

News Editor

Bharanidaran is the news editor at the Daily Bruin and a fourth-year political science and economics student. He helped input data from the crime logs and enjoys reading books and analyzing campaign contribution data in his free time.

Ryan Leou

Daily Bruin Reporter

Ryan is the national news and higher education editor for the Daily Bruin. He studies political and environmental science. In his free time, he enjoys browsing Wikipedia, napping, traveling around the world and compiling data about elections.

Saachi Kudtarkar

Stack Developer

Kudtarkar is a third-year mathematics of computation student. She enjoys watching TED talks and eating Veggie Grill, especially at the same time!

Sid Baphna

Stack Developer

Sid is a fourth-year economics and psychology student. He enjoys reading, playing basketball, and exploring LA in his free time.

Tim Guo

D3 Magnate

Tim was a developer for the Daily Bruin. He’s worked at Hulu and is currently studying computer science at Brown University. His interests include photography and psychology. He considers his greatest skill his ability to consume apples whole.

Tyson Ni

Data Viz Apprentice

Tyson likes telling stories with data. Feel free to send him feedback, data, or story ideas.

Xuxin Zhang

Stack Developer and Photo staff

Xuxin is a third-year applied mathematics and statistics student. He loves collecting vintage film cameras and taking photos for strangers.

Yiling Liu

Daily Bruin Contributor

Yiling writes for the Science and Health beat in the Daily Bruin. She studies biochemistry. In her free time, she enjoys watching good music videos like Luhan’s “Lu”.

Ziqing Luo

Stack Developer

Ziqing Luo is a fourth-year applied math and statistics student who is passionate about dancing and enjoys eating desserts.