Key Takeaways

  • This blog will feature investigative data journalism, insights on technology and practical data analysis and visualizations related to UCLA life.

  • Code will be available on GitHub.

  • Email us your ideas/feedback.

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Welcome to The Stack.

This site is a blog for Daily Bruin developers to build tools, visualizations and digital stories while pushing the boundaries of online journalism.

The spirit of a student newspaper is to innovate. Unlike major publications, student publications are built to take risks. The Stack is made with the intention of fully capturing that spirit in the online space.

The Stack will provide a constant stream of experiments and behind-the-scenes looks into how we are producing digital content.

We are focused on an open source approach and will be providing links to GitHub repositories and datasets used in our visualizations. If you are ever curious about something or want to see the code/data behind a project and it’s not clearly available, feel free to email us for more information.

We are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback about what we are doing. Email all thoughts/questions/concerns to us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Update Sept. 3: Changed email address for contact.